A Wooly Tale

Custard the Needle Felted Dog


Custard the Needle Felted Dog

Well, I returned home from watching Skyfall this evening only to find Custard waiting eagerly for me at the door!  I had promised him that I would introduce him to you all this evening and I think he is a bit cross that I have left it this late (patience isn’t his strongest quality!)

Custard the needle felted dog

So without further ado,  Custard meet everyone, everyone, meet Custard!  Custard has been a little while in the pipeline and he and his friends will finding new homes with my friends this Christmas!  Not this one though, oh no, he will be staying right here with me!  He needs a few little tweaks before he makes it out in to the big wide world I think.  I have decided he would be better off with black glass eyes rather than needle felted eyes and I think he will look more polished with an embroidered nose…what do you think?

Needle Felted Dog

Custard was quite adamant that I explain to you from the start that he is not called Custard because he is a coward, far from it.  He has battled hardened criminals, a pack of wolves, giant gnomes, a sea monster and the Yeti in his short little life…well,in his imagination anyway!  I am sure he would in real life too if the opportunity came, he really is a very brave little dog indeed!   No,he is called Custard simply because his most favourite food in the world is custard, vanilla custard to be precise.

Needle Felted Dog

He’s also quite partial to the odd session of Karaoke, unfortunately this tends to be at 3am in the morning and often it’s only because he is lonely!  Apart from eating all your custard and waking you at 3am in the morning with his rendition of Bright Eyes he has a lot of good qualities.  He has big ears for listening, a big nose for urgent detective work such as sniffing out your mobile phone or house keys and most importantly, a big heart!

I hope you’ve enjoyed meeting Custard as much as he has enjoyed meeting you and I’m sure you’ll be seeing much more of him!  I would ask him to say goodbye in  person but he has snuck off to Handmade Harbour to sniff out what everyone else has been up to and to be honest I think I’ll join him!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!

Jo & Custard


17 thoughts on “Custard the Needle Felted Dog

  1. Custard is adorable, so so cute! I’m looking forward to trying 3D needle-felting. I think he looks lovely as he is, i like his fuzzy nose, so dont think it needs to be embroidered!

  2. I think Custard looks just gorgeous as he is. His nose is just lovely, he definitely doesn’t need a nose job!

  3. He looks absolutely gorgeous.
    Ali x

  4. He is bloomin too cute. I think Custard’s nose is just right how it is and I like his eyes as well. I don’t blame you for keeping him, I would as well.

  5. OMG he’s soooooooooo cute! Definitely perfectly adorable just the way he is 🙂 x

  6. It never entered my head that his name referred to being scared. He looks anything from it. I bet he knows how to get his own way!!!

  7. Welcome to the world Custard, you are very cute and look very happy

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