A Wooly Tale

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house…



Mouse!  Okay, so I no it’s not technically Christmas yet and most certainly not the night before but I couldn’t wait that long before sharing this little chap with you!

Needle Felted Mouse

Can you believe this little fellow nearly ended up in the bin??!  In fact he very nearly didn’t happen at all if things had turned out differently…here’s what happened…

He started life as what was supposed to be a bear but I got the proportions of the face wrong. Rather than throw the piece of wool away I decided to experiment with glass eyes as I have never used them before.  Once the eyes were in ( so easy to do….I have no idea why I was so scared of using them!) I couldn’t resist giving him eyelids… a nose…some little cheeks… a tiny mouth … some big ears, I honestly couldn’t stop and before I knew it this little chappie was staring back at me! “I can’t believe you were going to throw him away” my other half said to me very accusingly!  Neither can I to be honest, it just goes to show what a bit of perseverance can acheive!  He is going to make the perfect Christmas present for my friend once he is finished and I know she will adore him.


As you may be able to tell, I haven’t been needle felting for very long at all.  I first picked up a felting needle a year ago and with the help of an online class I made a dog which I proudly showed off to anyone who showed even a vague interest!  I am not sure why, but I then stopped until about 8 weeks ago where, spurred on by friends and family telling me I had a talent for it, I picked up the needle again and started to create Paula the Polar Bear!  So all in all I have probably been needle felting for 3 months.  The great thing about this is that I am still developing my ‘style’ which I am finding really exciting as I never know what’s going to appear in front of me next!

Still being in the experimental faze came in very handy this week as, not one but two parcels failed to arrive from the supplier I order my wool from.Where these parcels have ended up is a complete mystery!  The suppliers were very helpful but in the end we both decided to give up trying and they refunded my card. That still left me with a wool shortage!  I learnt to needle felt with Norwegian C1 wool and a quick google online told me that they were the only suppliers of this in the UK, everyone else supplies Merino wool.   Now, don’t get me wrong, I love merino wool, I could honestly sit and stroke it all day but it is a very, very different type of wool to what I am used to and I had been told it is more difficult to needle felt so I had always steered clear other than when I was felting the small details.

Merino Wool Vs Norwegian C1 Wool

The top wool is the Norwegian C1 and the bottom is the Merino top.  As you can see the Norwegian C1 is a much coarser wool and pretty much felts itself, the Merino on the other hand is a smooth silky wool.  However, my search also uncovered the fact that Merino wool is actually cheaper than the Norwegian Wool I had been buying, which surprised me as Merino has a reputation as being very expensive!  Not only that, there are a lot more colours available.

So, I pulled out some white merino top I had been saving to make a Santas beard (but the wool to make the rest of him didn’t turn up!) and started to make a bear, which turned out to be a mouse 😉 And now, I am completely in love!  It has meant forgetting a lot of what I have learnt as Merino handles very differently but oh, the end result is so worth it!

In  short, I have learnt not one but two lessons this week; 1) Perseverance pays off sometimes and 2) everything happens for a reason…if that wool had turned up I would never have looked around, I wouldn’t have experimented with the Merino top and most importantly,  there wouldn’t be a Gus (that’s what I have nicknamed the mouse!)

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great week! I’m now off to have a look at what everyone has created on Handmade Monday!



22 thoughts on “Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house…

  1. Aaah, he is so lovely and I am really glad he was saved from the bin. Hope you have a good week.

  2. Gus is gorgeous. I love the way he is peering out of the cup – is that his house? Hope that you have another really great week 🙂

  3. Gus is just amazing. It’s amazing how things happen sometimes!

  4. Gus is soooo lovely 🙂 I only started to needle felt a few weeks ago and i’m yet to try 3D but i cant wait to give it a go !

  5. The Bin? he is so cute and love the eyes, think he should remain well way from bins in his teacup.

  6. Your little mouse is truly adorable – can we keep him! 😉 You’ve got that gift of being able to infuse personality into your created faces, he’s fabulous.

  7. Gus is adorable, I’m glad you saved him. He looks so sweet peering out from the cup.

    Jan x

  8. Aww, look at him, he looks soooo cute peeking out. Glad you didn’t throw him away!
    Shame you didn’t get your parcels, that’s a bit frustrating. Still one mistake turned out right, so I’m sure you will work your way around the problem!!

  9. Your mouse is adorable, he could have a part in Alice in Wonderland !
    Wendy x

  10. Thank you Wendy! Ooooh a door mouse… now there is an idea 🙂

  11. He looks lovely peeking out from the teacup. I’m so glad you didn’t bin him.
    Ali x

  12. Gus is so cute! I admire your perseverance in making him. Have a good week-end, Jo x

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